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American Needle Relive your pastime with the Cooperstown Collection. In 1946, American Needle supplied the first Major League Baseball team caps ever sold to fans in a ballpark - in Chicago's Wrigley Field. They have recreated these 6 panel wool blended caps with cloth headbands that precisely duplicate those worn by the likes of Dizzy, Honus and "The Babe". LOW PROFILE FIT.. Great for autographs and gifts.. New arrivals of the Cooperstown Ballcap shortbills.
Each cap priced at $21.95-$49.95+SH for your choice.
All CAPS are AMERICAN NEEDLE unless noted differently. "Eventually" all caps will arrive with date tags inside to help identify for the collectors.! .
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A pictorial vintage card tour has been added to the inventory listing so you can view both the team page or the individual cap with a baseball card depicting the closest resemblance of the cap style. Thanks to Vintage Card Traders.com and Baseball Almanac for their extensive database for vintage cards and history.
The following table for fitting (e.g. size 7 1/4 for size 22 3/8" up to but not including 22 3/4")
head size21 1/4"21 5/8"22"22 3/8"22 3/4"23 1/8"23 1/2"23 7/8"
cap size6 7/8
7 1/87 1/47 3/87 1/27 5/87 3/4

CLICK Team or card for availability and to ORDER. Thank you for your patronage.

American Needle adjustable caps

Atlanta Braves 1974
Chicago Cubs 1914

American Needle fitted caps

Atlanta Braves 1969-74-82
Baltimore Orioles 1901-55-58
Baltimore Orioles 1963-64-66
Baltimore Orioles 1975-83
Boston Braves 1908-15-34
Boston Braves 1940-46
Boston Red Sox 1909-31-34
Boston Red Sox 1939-46-75
Brooklyn Superbas 1903
Brooklyn Dodgers 1911-12-13
Brooklyn Robins 1917-23-30
Brooklyn Dodgers 1932-33-37
Brooklyn Dodgers 1938-55
California Angels 1965-71-73
Chicago Cubs 1908-12-14
Chicago Cubs 1926-33-34
Chicago Cubs 1938-55-57
Chicago White Sox 1917-18-19
Chicago White Sox 1926-30-31
Chicago White Sox 1933-40-49
Chicago White Sox 1959-64-68
Chicago White Sox 1971-76-83-87
Cincinnati Reds 1869-00-01
Cincinnati Reds 1919-32-55
Cincinnati Reds 1957-63-66
Cincinnati Reds 1966R-69-78
Cleveland Indians 1918-30-21
Cleveland Indians 1947-48-51
Cleveland Indians 1959-68-75-78
Detroit Tigers 1901-05-08
Detroit Tigers 1911-12-16
Detroit Tigers 1918-30-34-72
Houston Colt 45's 1962
Houston Astros 1965-75
Kansas City A's 1955-62-63-66
Los Angeles Dodgers 1958
Los Angeles Angels 1961
Milwaukee Braves 1957
Milwaukee Brewers 1970-74-78-94
Minnesota Twins 1961-73
Montreal Expos 1969
New York Yankees 1903-10-11
New York Yankees 1915-16-21
NY Giants 1913-15-25
New York Giants 1931-36-42-51
New York Mets 1969
Oakland A's 1968-69-72-76
Philadelphia A's 1929-35
Philad. Phillies 1917-18-26
Philad. Phillies 1930-35-38
Philad. Phillies 1941-48-49
Philad. Phillies 1950-75-81
Pitts. Pirates 1903-14-24
Pitts. Pirates 1940-48-60
Pitts. Pirates 1970-76-77-94
San Diego Padres 1969-72-84
San Franc. Giants 1972
St. Louis Browns 1908-22-24
St. Louis Browns 1944-46-51-53
St. Louis Cardinals 1903-18-39
St. Louis Cardinals 1934-42-43-57
Seattle Pilots 1969
Seattle Mariners 1977-81
Texas Rangers 1975
Toronto Blue Jays 1977
Wash. Senators 1906-16-26
Wash. Senators 1936-53-63-69

Ebbets Field Flannel fitted caps

Baltimore Orioles 1939(Ebbets))
Brooklyn TipTops 1914(Ebbets)
Brooklyn Bushwicks 1915(Ebbets)
Chicago Whales 1915(Ebbets)
Chicago Whales 1914(Ebbets)
Detroit Stars 1959(Ebbets)
Hiroshima Carp 1938(Ebbets)
Moultrie Colt 22's 1963(Ebbets)
KC Monarchs 1942 ( Ebbets)
Los Angeles Angels 1955(Ebbets)
NY Black Yankees 1935(Ebbets)
Montreal Royals 1946(Ebbets)
New York Knights 1939(Ebbets)
NY Knickerbockers 1912(Ebbets)
Oakland Oaks 1948 (Ebbets)
Portland Beavers 1944 ((Ebbets)
San Francisco Seals 1945(Ebbets)
Seattle Rainiers 1955(Ebbets)
Tokia Senators 1955(Ebbets)

Amer. Needle Negro League/PCL caps

Atl. Black Crackers 1938
Balt. Black Sox 1929
Balt. Elite Giants 1938
Birm. Black Barons 1948
Chicago Am. Giants 1928
Cuban X-Giants 1930
Detroit Stars 1919
Homestead Grays 1939
Hollywood Stars 1940
House of David 1920
Indianapolis ABC's 1920
Ka. City Monarchs 1942
Los Angeles Angels 1958(PCL)
Minneapolis Millers 1951
Newark Eagles 1946
Newark Bears 1940
NY Black Yankees 1936
New York Cubans 1940
Oakland Oaks (PCL)
Pittsbu. Crawfords 1935
Portland Beavers 1945 (PCL)
San Francisco Seals 1957(PCL)
Seattle Rainiers 1957(PCL)
St. Louis Terriers 1914
St. Louis Stars 1928

SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE --ITEM#117---$24.95-49.95

Follow these other tidbits of interest as these historical and vintage replica caps and uniforms are finding difficulties in this marketplace through 'wiki' links of interests. 1. I was informed by Mitchell & Ness last month that they are discontinuing production of wool flannel jerseys due to cost. 2. Cooperstown Ballcap Company, the last original true handmade cap maker was informed by MLB some 3 years ago through a cease and desist order for further production as parties could not agree upon a royalty fee for using MLB logos on their caps for productions. 3. Mitchell and Ness stopped making MLB caps some 10 years ago. 4. Roman Pro stopped making Cooperstown caps in mid 1990's. So as you see, the market has come to a dilution of quality merchandise for MLB historical products that we try to present and sell. We are at the mercy of the market and what they produce and that is why we are at the beginnings of introducing the Yankees 1922 and Giants 1928 as starters back to the market... Where others see it as a money issue, we see it as prolonging the heritage of baseball and what it means to collectors and historians of the game. Here is another tidbit from an article posted on the Internet airways on another cap company that has ceased operations as well. "Roman pro caps in my opinion were the best made vintage reproduction caps with leather bands, even better than Cooperstown Ball cap Co who did not produce the 8 panel.. Here is a little about the Roman pro company from Wiki......" Here is some background information on the company that made made these caps, the Roman Pro Cap Company. I found this online Roman Manufacturing Corp. was started in 1936 by Larry & Olga Mazzola creating monogramming for fine linens, handkerchiefs, towels, fur coat linings and more.During the early years the company name was changed to The Roman Art Embroidery Corp. They developed many clients in the sporting goods manufacturing industry and became a major source of embroidered logos for the uniforms of the professional sports teams. The Tim McAuliffe/KM Pro Cap Company, founded in 1896, used Roman’s embroidery for their caps. All teams until expansion in the 1960s used KM Pro caps at one time or another. After expansion Roman did the embroidery for more than half of the new clubs. Roman didn’t just supply embroidery for McAuliffe/KM Pro; they also supplied the embroidery under private label for Wilson. In the late 1970s the KM Pro Company closed its doors. It was decided that Roman should start manufacturing baseball caps. Roman Pro Cap Company was created. Teams such as the Boston Red Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Montreal Expos, and Los Angeles Dodgers are a few of the teams that used Roman-made caps for a time. In the early 1980s, Roman Pro began remaking old style caps, commonly known as “throwbacks.” They were advertised in sports magazines and were available via mail order. Roman became the first licensed cap company to make the old style caps, and were the first company to carry the “Cooperstown Collection” label. Roman's caps, embroidery-wise, were 100% accurate as they kept all of their embroidery designs in their archives (New Era did NOT archive their embroidery). The Roman Company ceased to exist in the mid-1990s, partly due to the 1994 players strike which shut down the retail business for all baseball caps for the year. Roman had made commitments to vendors for new equipment and MLB would not vary from its contract which forced the company into bankruptcy. The company recovered shortly thereafter and was then sold to a venture group who proceeded to lose its business and ultimately shut it down. Roman also made caps under Mitchell & Ness for a time in the 90s. In the late 1990s Roman was resurrected and the company decided to further develop their custom digitizing and embroidery division. The company then became known as Apparel 2000 LLC. They are no longer affiliated with professional sports, including Major League Baseball, and likely never will be again. Their embroidery patterns are still in their archives but are not available to the public. You cannot buy these caps anymore unless you get lucky on eBay, and they don't show up often. The Yankees caps are naturally "floppy" as they do not have backings under their front panels, just like way back when. No company today can compare with the accuracy of Roman'...
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